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Gyrodactylus vimbi

Species validity and additional data

Gyrodactylus vimbiGyrodactylusGyrodactylidaeShulman, 1954yes

Key reference for Species

Shulman, S.S. (1954) New species of monogenetic trematodes on cyprinids. Parasit.Lab Karelo-Finsk. Fil. Akademiya Nauk SSSR. Raboty Gelmint -75 Let Skrjabin 75, 778-780

Museum IDs

Overview of the Species Gyrodactylus vimbi

HostPrimary Host?
Abramis bjoerknano
Abramis bramano
Abramis sapano
Alburnus alburnusno
Barbus meridionalisno
Carassius carassiusno
Cyprinus carpiono
Gobio gobiono
Leuciscus cephalusno
Leuciscus leuciscusno
Rutilus pigusno
Rutilus rutilusno
Scardinius erythrophthalmusno
Scardinius scardafano
Vimba vimbayes

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