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Gyrodactylus gronlandicus

Species validity and additional data

Gyrodactylus gronlandicusGyrodactylusGyrodactylidaeLevinsen, 1881yes

Key reference for Species

Levinsen, G.M.R. (1881) Bidrag til kundskag om Gronlands trematofauna.. Oversigt over det Kongelige Danske Videnskadernes Selskabs Forhandlinger 23, 52-84

Museum IDs

Overview of the Species Gyrodactylus gronlandicus

HostPrimary Host?
Clupea pallasiino
Enophrys dicerausno
Myoxocephalus platycephalusno
Myoxocephalus scorpioidesno
Myoxocephalus scorpiusyes
Myoxocephalus verrucosusno

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