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Gyrodactylus derjavini

Species validity and additional data

Gyrodactylus derjaviniGyrodactylusGyrodactylidaeMikhailov, 1975yes

Key reference for Species

Mikhailov, T.K. (1975) . Parasites of fishes of Azerbaidzhan freshwaters Academy of Sciences, Azerbaidzhanskoi SSR, Baku ,

Museum IDs

Overview of the Species Gyrodactylus derjavini

HostPrimary Host?
Chondrostoma cyrino
Cyprinus carpiono
Oncorhynchus mykissno
Salmo salarno
Salmo trutta lacustrisno
Salmo trutta oxianusno
Salmo trutta truttayes
Salvelinus alpinusno
Salvelinus fontinalisno

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