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Gyrodactylus arcuatus

Species validity and additional data

Gyrodactylus arcuatusGyrodactylusGyrodactylidaeBychowsky, 1933yes

Key reference for Species

Bychowsky, B.E. (1933) Eine neue Art aus dne seen Karelians. Bericht der Biologischen Borodin Station,Leningrad 6, 51-55

Museum IDs

Overview of the Species Gyrodactylus arcuatus

HostPrimary Host?
Abramis bjoerknano
Ammodytes tobianusno
Esox luciusno
Gasterosteus aculeatusyes
Gobiusculus flavescensno
Platichthys flesusno
Pleuronectes platessano
Proterorhinus marmoratus no
Pungitius pungitiusno
Rana no
Salmo salarno
Zoarces viviparusno

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