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Gyrodactylus alviga

Species validity and additional data

Gyrodactylus alvigaGyrodactylusGyrodactylidaeDmitrieva & Gerasev, 2000yes

Key reference for Species

Dmitrieva, E.V. & Gerasev, P.I. (2000) Two new species of Gyrodactylus (Gyrodactylidae, Monogenea) from Black Sea fishes. Vestnik Zoologii 34, 98

Museum IDs

Overview of the Species Gyrodactylus alviga

HostPrimary Host?
Alosa ponticano
Atherina boyerino
Diplodus annularisno
Engraulis encrasicholusno
Merlangius merlangusyes
Mullus barbatusno
Neogobius melanostomusno
Ophidion rocheino
Platichthys flesusno
Pomatomus saltatrixno
Raja clavatano
Salmo labraxno
Sarpa salpano
Scophthalmus maximusno
Uranoscopus scaberno

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