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Genus validity and additional data

NeodiclidophoraDiclidophoridaeKhoche, 1971 ?nec Neodiclidophora Gupta et Krishna, 1980 nec Neodiclidophora Mamaev, 1987
NeodiclidophoraDiclidophoridaeGupta et Krishna, 1980?nec Neodiclidophora Khoche, 1971 nec Neodiclidophora Mamaev, 1987
NeodiclidophoraDiclidophoridaeMamaev, 1987 noname preoccupied by the diclidophorid, renamed Mamaevodiclidophora

Key reference for Genus

Overview of the Genus Neodiclidophora

list species in Genus Neodiclidophora

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